Good evening world. This post is being written at midnight, with the aid of several caffeine-based products.

What is Dagda Publishing? Well, simply put it’s an outlet for new poets and writers to gain some recognition and exposure on the world-wide-web (at the moment at least). There is one editor on here, he is also the owner, dogsbody, tea maid, buyer of cheese and all other related things.

You could call this an experiment, as it’s aim is to build up a publishing company from the ground-up, through stages of growth and good times. Everything has to start from somewhere, right? Basically, as this site and the ideas grow and mature, there shall be news of what is going on with our little area of the literary world. With a bit of luck and graft, Dagda will become a full-fledged publishing house. But time shall tell…

For now, a good strong cup of tea is needed. Keep an eye on the site for our first featured writers (who will be appearing soon)


– The Editor.