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Write me a letter, dear,
please do not write upon my wall,
do not send it to my inbox,
be a penpal, not a blogger
I want to see your emotions seep
through the paper;
hold it in my hands,
and put it in a box
for our children to discover.

Write me a letter, my love
that speaks of what you have
discovered in your travels;
what ails you,
what disturbs you,
what you emphatically adore
what your deepest feelings are,
or simply what you ate for dinner.

Something real
which will last
when the power has failed.

Write me a letter for all time,
so I may read your thoughts
and muse on why it is I love you
embellish it with youthful desire
put upon it little roses,
a dozen would be fine,
and sign it with pen and ink,
not with an absent-minded keystroke.

© Reg Davey 2012