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We decided to publish all four Daniel sent in to us, as they all seem to complement each other, and are best read together, in order.

Realism, tinged with a hint of regret, they contain many hidden depths of meaning that the reader can relate to.

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and sometimes

when it is late at night

(and I am alone)

I remember,

I remember…

Blue-Eyed Girl

Blue-eyed girl asks

if I want more wine

‘No,’ I say,

‘you have it’.

She finishes the bottle.

I smile.

Forgive me

forgive me,

if what I do

doesn’t make much sense,

I am

more me

in words

than I am

in flesh

Table Scraps


from your table

taste good

to a starved man


he’d never think to ask

for a proper meal

© Daniel Williams 2012