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This piece is heartfelt, with just a tinge of sadness to it. One to evoke memories of times gone by, through the medium of objects that have sensory familiarity.

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How I’ve loved you Ginger Nut,

So sturdy and so solid,

You never crumbled in my tea

Or left those dregs like porridge

A smell and taste so distinctive,

You remind me of times gone.

Granny Nel always gave me one –

Your cracks matched those on her tongue

Lazy Sundays with mum in bed

Your crumbs staining our nighties,

We scattered some with her ashes

Along with her fags and lighters

Ink still drying on the papers,

Happiness forgotten,

Fumbling in my bag for a hanky

My hand met you at the bottom

How I’ve loved you Ginger Nut,

Like a rising, auburn sun

Those wafers and thins don’t cut it,

But look at the size of my bum

© Emma Coleman 2012


(Image © Stephcookie  – Used under Creative Commons licence)