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Do you remember
that film you made me sit through?
Well, I found it today
in the back of a cupboard,
in a dusty box.

 I’m watching it once again,
with fresh eyes,

I thought you should know.

There was a certain point,
where you laughed,
and I cringed,
which I must admit,
has made me laugh along with you,

Even though you’re probably watching a different film now.
In someone else’s arms.
Probably with a new cat purring
contentedly, in your lap.

So, I’m watching this old film
again, the one which I hated with
such vitriol, but one which
I admit I now love.

They say it’s better late,
than never,
but I beg to differ with them.

I just thought you’d like to know.

Copyright © Reg Davey, 2011-2012

(Image © Patries71 Used under creative commons license)