From the depths of a darkened doorway
I saw you walk by, old friend
no doubt on your way to a place
where the flowers grew fresh
where the sun was young
and the stars were new.

From the depths of a darkened doorway
I held out a beseeching hand 
needing no more than that
which would feed me for awhile
or mere conversation,
a minute of your time spared
In your doubtlessly busy day.

From the depths of my darkened doorway
I watched you pass by, 
my presence not even registering
and in that moment of death, I saw you
surrounded by life and joy
and, as I departed this world,
you passed me by, like always.

Outside a darkened doorway,
you did not even stop, old friend
loaded down with your gifts,
your luck and your life,
as you made your way through 
the winters snow and boundless throng
back to your loving family, 
to that place you call 


© Reg Davey 2012