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an eely path meanders on, and on
amongst the bushes and rushes, the burn
it bends and wends as time moves on, and on
through woods it guides us twisting turns by turns;
where once the white did grind, down brae, down glen
the lochs lie proud and silent now, as deer
and eagle grace the lofty highland’s ben,
the eely path that leads us on, and on
through sunlit glades and shadowed gloom, and where
the salmon run, onward far from their source,
o’er plains where flowers did once wildly fair,
afore the man came to change ancient course;
‘til waters plainly slowed to seaward firth
path and burn end hundreds of miles, from birth.

© Geoff Collinson 2011-2012

While we’re waiting for the anthology to go through it’s final edit and then uploaded to Amazon for download, we thought it would be nice to feature one of Geoff Collinson’s pieces on the site (Geoff is in the anthology, you see). This piece is wonderful, there’s a lot of tradition here, but there’s something which speaks much more about the human condition here (Uisge Beatha means “Water of Life” in Gaelic ). Show some love in the comments below, and don’t forget to hit subscribe.