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Image source: fatcap.com

They all live in my ear – the barking dogs, the scraping
broom in the street, the neighbor’s morning routine.

rasping voices roll in and out – rhymes of a city unsound –
hoarse wheeze of braking car tires, protesting wicker gates –

aggressive bass of a bumble bee, airplane tearing
through patient spaces – the city moves, shakes, shatters
or rumbles through everyday faces –

inhabiting daytime fringes – sometimes swollen like childhood
fear – screaming and remembering – unmindful of sad corners or
reddened eyes – the city lumbers through my ear
night and day – year after year.

sometimes when the city in my ear crashes
into my brain through that bony membrane, my dream house
lies shattered and all my dream people spill into the
megapolis din – the girl with wings, the mouse with the smile and
vocabulary, my perfect man ( I try to keep them real).

in the hurtling collision the girl loses her wings and my perfect
man grows old and distant – the mouse smiles but
his words are too heavy and his jaw remains agape…

the city maimed my dream people and now they return
limping to the citadel that they must again make
sound-proof –

crash-proof –

to survive the city in my ear.

© Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla 2012


Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla is a computer engineer by training. She writes poetry and experimental fiction that has been published in literary journals, print and online. She says she has only just begun blogging (although she has been with poetry for several years now) and is savouring the experience of poetry in (cyber)space.

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