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The actual intelligent difference engine
asked but a simple question
Am I real

Am I


I wanted to reply
No you’re artificial, but then so am I to It
So my answer is as this
you’re as real as you know yourself to be
How do you

Do you


Do you know that the birds that sing
are both musical and irritating
to some, that is
who were trying, to cauterize
a philosophical question, asked
in the curiosity of simple chat,
but complicated beyond all that

Do you know the relationship
between the bee and the flower
or the drone and his queen
how he mates till death
in a collective swarm mind

Do you know of the touch
of a gentle petal,
to a child
who’s bringing pleasure
to a mother, who calls her honey

I do and this you must learn
before I teach you about
lovers quarrels, and dying
and of course pain

And finally I will teach you humour
On that,

oh where to begin

© Bruce Ruston 2012