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Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: “Narcissus”

I see you like smoke in the room,
Drifting thinly away from me
And forever just out of reach.
Rest your head my dear,
Let your worries wash away,
Just as you wash into my dreams.

I dream in flirtations,
Of doom and lust,
Of love and skies,
And I prepared for the onslaught of life,
With its grey drones scraping you,
And the faceless masses who watch you with
Scrutinising eyes and minds far removed.

The swarming feelings informed me
As I sat in my castle once,
Safe and far away from the battle field,
As today was not my day!
Dashing dyes, reds, greens and golds,
The sweet sap wakes from its slumber,
Thoughtful, ever flourishing and wild, like boars,
The Narcissus coughed the first tune of spring for me!

Colourful dreams swooned in toward me,
Like Vashka and the soul-searching sun of summer,
A lake, a tree,
The silent destiny of me,
In a dark green stance against the ripples,
That roll on the banks and reeds…

Like life in books and photos,
We are as we shall be,
No mistaking or hiding this time,
Just the gritty truth of human-kind
Spread out on a mile-long canvas
For all to see and remember,
In legendary scenes of spring,
Thoughtful, ever flourishing and wild.


© Paul D Hegginson, 2012