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Eyes ruined from neglect
Strained below all she holds-
Above all that slips away

Her gentle flame draws breath
Igniting strength of ashen dreams
Commanding smiles of passersby

Slipping between beats in time
She proclaims love her sacred hymn
And so dispels all earthly shadows

Her nest lies upon ancestral plains
Sweetness of Mother Earth’s bosom
Moonstones held by courageous grip

She sings of praise and of light
Soaring where lilies lift their heads
Enjoining colors of summer’s blush

Her sails harness elusive winds
Embracing fantasies – embracing tears
To reach the willows’ feathery tips

She perfumes life’s vibrant rings
Longing that cannot be quenched
Thirsting flight of circling dreams

Her mouth sweet with velvet petals
Deep rooted seeds- compel poetry
Indigo child- this child is she.

© Selena Howard 2012