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The cottage garden now desolate,
Californian lilac droops
on the cracked stone path,
rosemary proudly expands,
to an array of feathery light blue scented blooms,
misting the air wafting aromas,
Wild flowers battle to regain status,
spreading their seeds, with a whisper of wind,

The honey bee, long gone,
murmuring pasts, of honey combs and hives,
silence eludes, past memories.
Fading into a sunset, of diluted crimson,
brown earth seeps,
with glistening reservoirs of water,
nurturing blue bells, and snow drops.

Daffodils retain their stately presence,
under the red berried prychanta,
the haunting song of the thrush,
stretches to the meadow,
of crimson blooming poppies.
Passions awake memories,
of bountiful yields, oats and barley,
long hot summers of yellows ochres,
and burnt umber.

 © Rea 2009-2012