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Among the tall grasses,
Where new flowers unfurl,
When the summer sun shines long,
And the sap flows strong,
The Goddess of summer
And ancient secret passions –
In her new green and red dappled dress,
Idly stretches and yawns.
She hums a sweet tune,
That floats slow through the air,
Flirtatiously mocking the Vashka,
Who is too busy to care,
Swooping in iridescence,
An agile hunter of the skies!
And under bright moon shine,
Crisp and clear,
Rippling white upon the dark wooded lake,
Heracleum stands proudly tall,
Elegant and regal,
Knowing all and observing more,
She takes on the form of a Siren
And lures sleepless men deep into the forest,
And deep into the cool dark waters…

© Paul Hegginson 2008-2012

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