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I am the fungus
Sapping as much life as I can
From a rotten tree stump.

And it only gets more rotten
As the years go on
But it was once a king
I know because its brothers
Standing tall and green on either side
Told me.

And when they are dead
My own brothers will feast greedily
And the trees
Though tall handsome wise and majestic –
Grow uneasy about that.

I can see them frowning now
And though they roll the universe over in their minds
Like a piece of chewing gum
They will still look at me,
Sucking on my rotten stump,
And spit –

For despite their eternal search
They will never be able to find
Life in death.

© Ned Green 2012-2013


Ned is a student and poet from Australia who we have been aware of for some time over at www.thepoetryforum.co.uk  

This piece is a brilliant observation on the cycle of life and death apparent in nature, with a glorious metaphysical twist on it. Leave your thoughts below and share this work if you will. It deserves to be seen.