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Hello again, and welcome to our regular Weekend Poetry Readings, our way of inviting you to relax at the end of the week before crashing headlong back into the world of the mundane. In this, we celebrate some of the most important poets of history.

This week, we have decided to go with a short piece, but which is by no means any less important, or special. This is Pulitzer Prize winning African American poet Gwendolyn Brooks (June 7, 1917 – December 3, 2000) reading of her classic “We Real Cool”. The poem itself is incredibly short (24 words), but immensely evocative and imbued with a kind of knowing energy.In this poem, the reader is transported to a time not far removed from our own, but strangely alien at the same time, yet familiar nonetheless.

This reading also includes a brilliantly witty and observed introduction by Brooks herself.