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Alcoholic, drinking beer until I find myself some Spirit,
Is that metaphorical or literal?
The vodka trickles down my lip,
Until that tipple turns invisible,
Diving deeper got no oxygen,
A bit of paper & a dodgy pen,
Losing friends,
Just an adolescent pretense,
So pretend this intense irrelevance,
Is just a slanted written version of intelligence,
Hiding dumbstruck,
Avoiding dumb rucks, chatting double Dutch,
Chucking tuppensworth, to those who hide and curl up,
Penning purposeless and penniless poems,
Puncturing with provocation people who don’t even know it,
Mind wanders, squandering any train of thought,
My hindsight’s twenty-twenty so I’m learning a lot,
It’s like educating Satin,
Stuck in school with no relation,
To these kids that go vacations,
Sun, sand & happy faces,
…My recent apathy is a tragedy,
But nothing in life is chasing after me,
So gradually I graft away,
To obscurity with rapid pace…

© Craig Scott 2013