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I Feel like my insides have been ripped out,
And I Run through the air like Im everything,
I Cry for a yesterdays child who looked like me,
 And I Burn till my flesh is melting all over me.
I Wake on the dawn of a terrifying morning,
And I Smile in the wake of my tryst with the Devil,
I Scream so loud it wakes my dormant ghosts,
And I Love with the ferocity of a wild animal.
I Dream myself onto a mountain of flowers,
And I Beg to feel your mouth on my skin,
I Weep for the way you turned your face away,
And I Wish I could hear my unborn child again.
I Want everything that you said I should have,
And I Crave in a way that brings me down to my knees,
I Shake with the fear that my mind is not real,
And I Bleed from a heart that has bled all my life.
I Dance on the moon with a light in my eyes,
And I Sing like a child in the warmth of the sun,
I Bear all the scars that a woman can bear,
And I Carve your name into my chest once again.
© Tanya Raven 2013