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Happy Sunday everyone. Welcome once again to our “Weekend poetry readings”, where we round off the week with a great poet reading their own work.

This week we went with one of the greats of 20th century poetry and literature, Charles Bukowski. Let’s face it, Bukowski may to many seem the least obvious voice of poetry, but from his darkness has sprouted beauty. Plagues with problems, if he didn’t write, he would most likely have ended up a broken, washed-up tramp drinking in the alleyway of life (a sentiment he would no doubt have understood). There’s just something we find fascinating about him, the true outsider, the reject son of poetry. He, more than most, epitomises the post-beat poetry.

So sit back, and enjoy this reading of his famous poem “Bluebird”, by the man himself. Recognise the beauty in the savage face of the rejected. Be inspired.

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