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He said he liked my shoes
sitting across from me
after he said we haven’t talked in a while.

I want to tell him everything
as I laugh at his ridiculous beard
then I tell him it’s the middle of summer.

When we make plans for tomorrow
my heart and my lips smile
then he looks sad, he forgot he has to work tomorrow.

Some other time I say
happy I got to share this moment with him
because we haven’t talked in a while.

I don’t realize how longs he stays
until he says he better be going
I smile and tell him I’ll talk to him tomorrow.

He tells me he’ll call
after he reminds me he has to go home soon
I know I may never see him again.

I hope we still talk
maybe we’ll even visit one another
for now I’ll just look at my shoes.

© Cassie Mae 2013


Our first featured piece by Cassie Mae, this is a very well-constructed poem with good attention to meter and style. It speaks of awkward, fleeting love and longing in a familiar way to many. Leave your thoughts below and share this content.