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thin veils of sincerity
truth brought out on special occasions
like mother’s best china
even then its behaviour questionable
the void encasing you
sucking the life
the spirit
from even the most determined.

Illicit fumbling
the back alley friendship of a modern age
feelings falsely placed in the back pocket
saved for those easier to manipulate
life’s wallet empty and overspent.

It’s easier this way
interaction on your terms only
nurturing the lonely
social media playing the tune
the melody deceiving
as we dance awkwardly
typing our way
through this vacuous creation.

© Reah Roberts 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Reah Roberts, who we have featured in our anthologies (which are available through the links on our publications page). This piece speaks of the awkwardness of love and human interaction, ending with a situation familiar to many in this digital age. It’s a piece that draws the reader in and leaves a few questions hanging.

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