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My heartbeat is boring
All my dreams are snoring
My soul is starving, gnawing –
On every broken bone

Lost my lust for lovers
Loneliness discovers
A prettier plague than any other –
That kisses with a drink

The thin king in the past tense
Thought about his innocence
Prolonging pretty dalliance –
Whilst witches bear beauty

Hopeful are the homeless
Broken men that go bless
Pale skies that they no less –
Than call their stateless home

Free of pain and pleasantry
Speak my thoughts in mimicry
Kiss the hand of jealousy –
Then whisper in her ear

“Spend a thousand pennies
Borrow just as many
But never waste any –
pauper’s precious time”

Appease the hungry migrants
Singing songs to clothe silence
Whilst devils dancing to violence –
Awaken ancient war

Dawn draws her rusted sword
The ghost of some ragged lord
And duels he that she can’t afford –
To defeat in time

A Jeweler’s fine old gold locket
Against the Thief’s artful pocket
An elephant born without its tusk –
What is the Dawn without the Dusk?

© Sean Macro 2012-2013


Todays featured poem comes from Sean Macro, who we featured back in December with “A Ransom Note for a Crumbled Queen”. This piece draws on a sense of mysticism and use of symbolism and metaphor to draw the readers attention to the subject of loneliness and being the outsider. Sean asks many questions, and the piece is extremely competent in its sagacity,wisdom and observation of the world. Share your thoughts below and share this piece.