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Your eyes of teal blue
grace me like tall grass.
The golden leaf can always
be found in your comfort.
I am not the loving kind
yet you have stolen me.
Yes I am full of cracks;
But somehow you see
the light shining through.
Somehow you still smile.

Your hair of silken strands
over by the fluttering pond.
The devils feather likes to
hide when you have my hand.
I am not the caring kind
yet you have changed me.
Yes I do seem rather black;
But somehow you treasure
the colour in my heart.
Somehow you still smile.

© John Ashleigh 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from John Ashleigh, who we have featured both on the site already and in our anthology “The Road Less Travelled” (link to purchase the anthology in our publications page). This is a piece that speaks of love when it’s least expected and the subjects bewilderment with the one who has made them the object of their love. It has an effective, impressive use of imagery and meter. John is a writer we are always proud to feature.

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