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Hey all, now it’s the first of February, it’s time to announce when our first collection by Paul D Hegginson shall be released.

The date we shall be releasing the collection will be the 20th of February. So, that’s in just under three weeks time. The collection itself is 50 poems, encompassing many questions and thoughts of the writer, spanning the last 10 years. To call Paul prolific would be an understatement (he has many, many more poems in his notebook, more of which we hope to release in future collections).

The book shall be available on Lulu.com for paperback copies, with cover design by Lucy Hartshorn, and also available on Amazon for Kindle (we are going to be looking at the possibility of other avenues as well). So, stay tuned for more news on this over the next three weeks.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a good evening, whatever it is you are doing.