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I anticipate the
of your hair – which you dry
with a meticulous
comb –
on the bed.
Preferring TV
to sex,
you raise your eyes
and lecture me
on what it takes to make
the nuclear family,
not split the family atom
and explode –
scattering radioactive parents
and siblings to hide
in London – the Missing Link to father,
who burns bridges with his words
but was never
an author.
Stop. Don’t bother.
Our parents are fucked up as each other.
And anyway, I only
wanted to know
what it takes
to make

© Harry Gallon 2013


In this piece, Harry presents a picture of love gone wrong, fouled and which has become miserable. The theme of rejection runs through this piece in every word harry put to paper, and draws us into a melancholy moment in the private lives of two people. He draws us into a scene which is immediately familiar ro many, and one which has inspired poets down the ages.

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