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My mind is floating unattached
apart the rest of me.
As I try to hold onto it,
it dizzies unsecured.

My eyes seem covered with cheese cloth
though they barely open.
Electric pulses stab through me
from red jumper cables
affixed to limbs and tender parts.
Pressure weight on my neck,
bruised body forms consciousness
on the tip of Awake.
A vision jolting unfocused;
I cannot move my head.

A kitten’s cry breaks from cracked lips
that are mine and not mine.
Tendrils, fingers, pull them apart
to push a pill inside
until I am forced to swallow
so my heavy eyes close again
to fall within a gloom.

© Catori Sarmiento 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Catori Sarmiento, an English and Writing Professor at Central Texas College, Pacific Far East Campus in Tokyo, Japan. She has had poetry published already on Dead Flowers Poetry Rag, Poetry Wall and by Cactus Heart Press, as well as Fiction and academic essays.

This piece utilises a grim, suffocating use of language to draw the reader into a world filled with pain and suffering. Voyeuristic, claustrophobic and savage, the reader is sucked in to the world presented by the poem.

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