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corrosive whispers on the wind
acid drips from the lips of bees
assail the waves of wanton thoughts
borne on the breaths of ancient words

polluted voices crowd the air
treacle pours through the ears to mind
they etch their paths and burrow deep
bored to the core of primal views

subverted screams echo through true space
vitriol pours from rabid mouths
they slice the sane with falsehoods sharp
born on curves and twists of ages passed

erosive cries strip the layers
barbed emissions drown tempered tongues
exfoliated one by one
scorned righteous mores disdained them all

touch and taste pure anger
all the senses shattered as one
civilised hopes destroyed; and yet
hopes spring through concrete slabs
among the weeds precocious flowers bloom

© Geoff Collinson 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Geoff Collinson, a poet we have known for a while from Scotland. He was one of the conributors to our first anthology “Concrete Jungles” (available through Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords).

Here, Geoff paints a picture of society’s ruination, a frighteningly apocalyptic world which is perishing slowly, heading toward irrevocable disaster. However, there is still hope in these words, which is hinted at in the last stanza. An effective, impressive use of language and imagery courses through this piece.

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