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Travelling at the speed of light,
Travelling down the wire,
Travelling around the world,
Life on a razor wire,

Did you give me a glance just then?
Did you even notice?
Did I flash past, far too fast?
Did you?

It’s break neck,
It’s fireball fury,
It’s a poet’s angst,
Cut into your arm,

Did you give me a glance just then?
Did you not notice?
The shadow I cast as I flashed past?
Did you?

It’s break down,
It’s recovery,
It’s convalescent,
In decline,

Travelling at snail’s pace,
Travelling down the road,
Travelling through my mind,
Life on life support.

©Nigel D Paul 2013


In todays featured poem, Nigel brings us into a world of turmoil, of turbulent emotions, of a life without the brakes on. Utilising brutal, desperate repetition and a breathless, break-neck style and meter, the reader is grabbed by the throat and drawn into this full-speed ahead world, taking them along for the ride and does not let them go until the final line.

Nigels’ work can also be found in both of our current anthologies. Leave your thoughts below and follow us for more of the best poetry from new poets out there.