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Benjamin-ZephaniahHello again everyone. It’s time for another Weekend Poetry Reading, where we find the best poetry readings by the author themselves.

This week, we invite you to indulge yourself in the spoken word poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah, one of the greatest living performance poets.This piece we feel is one of his best, and is especially relevant today as we head toward financial chaos and the world seems to teeter on the brink of recession all the time. Zephaniah gives us a little bit of perspective on what money is.

Born of Jamaican and Barbadian parents, his work is heavily influenced by the music and poetry of Jamaica and what he calls “street politics”. A musician, playwright, activist, social commentator and author of over 20 books of poetry, he is arguably one of the most important writers alive today. We strongly recommend you pick up any one of his books, and discover his immense talent for yourself.

Leave your thoughts below on this piece, and follow us for more poetry and news of what’s going on in our corner of the literary world.