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Like insidious vortex
in the calm waters of a lake
Metamorphosis of the soul
Treacherous filter
Inevitable awareness
Inkling of Eternity
Looking not seeing
Existing to survive
The immutable Destiny
Uncontrollable Will
Memories of events
Like wounds that will never heal
Nostalgic Emotions
Abysses in the depth of our mind
Darkness and Light
Cosmic fusion
Life is presage
Insanity is mute pain.

© Laura LME 2013


In today’s featured poem, Laura weaves an image which is both stiflingly dark, yet intensely beautiful. Concise, staccato meter, obtuse angles of thought and structure, and unusually prescient insight combine to bring the reader into this intensely private world that Laura masterfully spins for us. A vastly accomplished piece that we are proud to feature on our site.

Laura is a published author and founder of Verses In Motion, digital web based groups about poetry, art, music, photography and literary news, featuring artists, poets, writers and musicians. Official Verses In Motion Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/versesinmotion 

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