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How cursed my mind works and operates in webs of beautiful tears
I clasped my hands together in peaceful patience
Only to rip them from each other shredding through time
Stars and electricity tracing back to a lovers handshake
A tear hath fall
Confusion infused air intoxicate my nostrils with pine of the merry believers of Decembers end
As I feel my finger tips through thick hair
Nightmares of her hands through my hair
Nights of her body to mine I feel her heart beat with mine
Terrorized me with joyful thoughts of temptation
A tear hath fall
Down the rabbits hole I fall
Away from her I go
Until she is
Never more

© Tim Campbell 2013


In todays featured poem, Tim helps us get into the spirit of Valentines Day (yes, we know we’re a day early in the UK) albeit the more morose and melancholy side of it. Tim uses metaphor and imagery in this piece to great effect, showing us the flip-side of love, and the poem gives a sense of being left out in the cold by it’s cruelty. One for those who feel a little bit isolated by the whole experience, we feel (cynical, us?).

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