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I had walked evermore
through the endless corridors of time

a bored drifter. a wretched vagrant

No guidance no assistance
neither zeal nor goal

joined by bogus friends. surrounded by genuine enemies

From attempt to failure
from fame to notoriety

fleeing from a dismal past. running toward an empty future …

and then one day
Life dangled a mirror in front of my face
and in the mirror
I saw

an idea.
killed before it was ever born

dashed before it was ever raised

betrayed before it was ever nurtured

a journey.
over before it was ever embarked upon

a world.
destroyed before it was ever created

a face. that had gone nowhere in the world
and a consciousness. that had ceased to care

… they keep saying, It could have been worse.
but I can’t help feeling, It could have been so much better.

© Rashmi Pluscec 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Rashmi Pluscec, a writer from Mississauga, Canada. In this piece, Rashmi conveys a sense of loss and depression, of failure and disappointment. Again, this is another piece that uses brevity and economy of language and structure to stunning effect, never saying more than it has to, but conveying more than is apparent on the first read. Another piece we are proud to feature.

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