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Hi all. We hope you’re having a good weekend, whatever it is you are doing.

We have been running a crowdfunding  campaign over at Indiegogo for about 10 days now (link just at the top there). In this time we have managed to get $251 in contribution, towards our total goal of $5,000. With this campaign we are hoping to raise the funds to help push ourselves to the next level –

Turning Dagda Publishing into a proper poetry and literary fiction publishing house.

The funds raised will help us do even more to promote the next generation of writers, helping them on their way to being successful authors, and securing the future of poetry and literary fiction. Primarily, the funds will go toward such things as – Business costs, marketing, advertising, website design professional print runs, ISBN purchase, advances for authors, and organising poetry events in the UK.

As with all good crowdfunding campaigns, you will get something back as an incentive for helping to fund it (if you desire).

For $5, you will be listed on our site as a sponsor, for $25, you will get mentioned as a sponsor AND you get copies of all of our publications in paperback form, and for $50, you get all this, plus what we refer to as a “Writers Survival Kit” – A pen, stress ball, and coffee mug (all emblazoned with our logo).

So, please give as much as you can, and even if you cannot spare anything, you can help get involved, and share the link around with everyone, via Twitter, Facebook, reblogging this post, and email.

So dig deep, and share this with the world.

Thank you for helping us to push ourselves further in the world of literature.