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I bought a lottery ticket here today miss,
and it cost me about a buck.
Guess I was feeling lucky,
but all I fell was out of luck.

And now I’m scratching even harder,
for one little cherry more.
I guess I’ll scratch till my nails fall off,
as I know what I’m scratching for.

For a home for my three children,
and my name on the front door.
For just one less creepy neighbor,
and some carpet on my floor.

© Jago Kosolosky 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Jago Kosolosky, a Belgian writer and journalist.  Through the flowing meter and a plain-speaking usage of language, Jago takes the strikingly ordinary and everyday and turns it into something magical. The subject matter is intensely familiar, speaking of the hope that lies within us all for a better life. A very accessible piece of poetry.

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