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Fractal rays ooze across my eyelids, glitter chased by heat.
Juxtaposed by the skeleton-steel frame beneath me.
A dog barks in the distance, as I lean back and away.
The creeping sense of forces at work, we move sideways.
A rhythmic countdown, when feet meet ground.

Numb hands grip bars tightly, and we wheel our way,
across galaxies, and solar systems.
Farther and farther we travel, in circles.
The space to my left laughs. Like every song I’ve ever heard.
It melts me down, and pours me away.

Seconds pass by
Stretched, each one, into years and decades.
A million tiny thoughts, each more powerful than the next.
Future flashes of lightning.
Burned into my retina.
Memories etched in stone.

We slow down, and with us, time.
Eyes open, the galaxies are gone.
Yet my world stands, and looks at me.
Joy, brighter than sunlight, in her eyes.
Fearsome, protective, my Leo.

No warnings came with this
We speed up, and slow down.
This dizziness, and confusion.
Now powerlessness, and acceptance.
I was bowed before this changer of everything.
When everything had changed.

We look at each other, a silent conversation.
She smiles, and grips the bar.
We turn again, and again.
I now know, With her creation, words were destroyed forever.
And I know now, the most accurate of descriptions,
can only ever be felt.

© Kellie Pickering 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Kellie Pickering from Nottingham, our second one by her. Kellie has a brilliant raw talent, which drips off the page (or, for the pedants out there, out of the computer screen), which is delightfully apparent in every word committed here. A stunningly beautiful oration of love for a child, this is an intensely human piece, with a breathless, flowing prosaic manner. Word at their finest and most eternal.

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