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Hey all. We thought we’d take a break from our normal schedule, and share with you a piece by one of the best young poets out there today, Shane Koyczan. This is a Canadian poet whose work should be seen and experienced by everyone, who is perhaps best known at the moment for his anti-bullying video “The To This Day Project”, a collaboration with several artists that just needs to be seen by everyone.

We’re not going to share that one with you though, as for a start, most of you may have seen it already, and if not, we’d like to encourage you to seek it out. It’s worth the (brief) search. The piece by Shane we want to draw your attention to is “The Crickets Have Arthritis”, a piece about a small boy who is terminally ill, which really puts life into perspective. We have watched this several times now, and it never fails to amaze us. The tempestuous power that Shane brings to bear in this poem is breathtaking. He calls down the storm, and leaves the reader shipwrecked in a sea of emotions. Enjoy this masterpiece of modern performance poetry.