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how to disappear utterly
without leaving a trace
in the digital Age

where information
is as precious as gold
and as plenty as urine

where each of us
fingerprints stain
not only the
we reach out to

but hook upon
four horizons
of the globe

through visa
pathway catacombs

earwax from
non portable
of cellphones;
keratin molecules that
travel on infrared

and our daily
internetalization, ah

through camera
on land
that has you
and your butt’s
persisting shy face

while space radars look
down on a dot
or at nothing
– not there – at all

or are being entertained
by a cookie giving off sparks;
digesting in a stomach
on a sleeping bed

etc and it goes on
and off
my friend

fantasies about escaping
are just that –

another utopia to salivate for

© Rosmari Alexandrou 2013


Todays featured poem, by Rosmari Alexandrou, is the winner of our technology and future-shock poetry competition over at thepoetryforum.co.uk    A worthy winner, we thought. The entries were put to a public vote, and this one came out on top.

In this piece, Rosmari deals with the issue of our identity in the digital age, where no-one can be said to be truly free or anonymous, being in that we are all connected by a vast network of wires and information. It really picks apart the moral questions behind this fast, ever-changing world we have built for our children, and poses questions to the reader that cannot easily be answered. An extremely prescient piece very relevant to our time.

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