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As I have been taught, all poem must end,
And with you, these final words I send
To the end of silence, the end of screaming,
Of day and night, of waking, dreaming.

So Hello, hello, goodmorningrain,
Swing, swing swiftly the pain
of restless day—and still of night—
Please, gentle candle, ignite, ignite.

Hello Beautiful; Lets come away.
I find nothing in the stars today
and tomorrow looks like it’ll be the same,
So, come taste my waist and keep me sane.

Because I’m dying here in sweat and tears,
where not even your silhouette
Can trick my mind and ease my eyes
And give me hope through slippery lies.

When in the silence you do surround,
Here I lay my starving body down,
While the downpour breaks
And my eardrums sing that easy ache.

“Hello, hello, sweet caustic shame,”
So burns out the allure of the flame, the flame.
The isolated walls have swept away its very breath,
Leaving silent films of smoky poem to speak upon my

© Melissa Caffrey 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Melissa Caffrey, a writer from Maryland in the US. An intriguing piece, which in the words of the writer “deliberately leaves out the final word in defiance of what we have been taught about poetry, and of the expectations of living that seem to weigh us down. This eulogy is left unfinished for layers of reasons”, leaving an unfinished question hanging in the air for the reader to muse upon and interpret. To us, it speaks of many things, including needing closeness and passion, a desperation of emotions tensed and ready to spring forth from the potential to the kinetic. Fairly traditional in it’s structure, but no less inventive in it’s approach.

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