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The sway of flag
Undermines and belittles the Giant
Nature abused
Hiding the past, the deaths
From Antrim South
From Cork North
The sway of the flag
Peat bogs and dark hedges
The sway
But Man will pass
The Giant will step again
Nature will always return
She is forgiveness
And we are Nature
Shepherded by her Giant
From Antrim South
From Cork North
To London East
To New York West
One day the world will live as one
When the flags are abandoned
And sway no more

© Trevor Maynard 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Trevor Maynard. Immediately reminiscent of Auden and Heaney, this is an accomplished piece that deals  with the question of how to bridge the gap between cultures, building, as it were, a causeway. A familiar imagery pervades throughout the poem, forcing us to take a closer look at our own cultural identity. A fairly short, concise and economic poem, extremely effective in presenting it’s viewpoint, and one which benefits from extended reading to pull apart the layers contained within.

Trevor’s site: http://www.trevormaynard.com/

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