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I see you are clearly starting to plant your ubiquitous presence in my heavens.

Art and Stone alone block the outside view of Winter.  Wind blows on an old building.  Places we’ve been together: with you-us two.

My shirt says, Snow Shoe Brew, My feet are Boots.

We used to kick the ground around this town.
Used to live to love, looking above at the stars.

Nothing has changed.
Watching cars and buses from afar.

Forgetting the days, planning our ways.  In the future-wish again, what have we missed my friend?
Not much.  Not how.  We have Now.

Again, old fashioned statement of life’s placement.
I think as we walk, kiss, and say goodbye.

She goes away like she first said “Hi” and walked into my life.

© T.S Niebling 2013


Todays featured poem comes from T.S Niebling. An angular piece which talks of letting go of a love that has always been there, it has a poignant beauty to it.A very human piece, the reader can really connect and empathise with this poem, which is masterfully constructed.

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