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I had to put a man to death.
A day that does not seem
that long ago in my memory.
To this day I know that I had no choice.
The trigger had to be pulled
even if it was cold in my hand.

He did the begging for forgiveness,
the echoes of change,
pleading in his voice,
while both of us were knowing
that the day of enlightenment
would never come.
Slaughtering his soul
was to be the only path
to full redemption.

So many others fell under a hypnotic stance,
blinded by the wares of the charmed,
not looking beneath the smile of the skin,
or avoiding the darkened eyes
that gave entrance to the true being.

It was time to change
the reflection in the reflecting mirror.
I had to replace one soul
with another in a resurrection.
The pain, temper, darkness
had to be buried under the dirt.

Most would consider this a crime.
It had to happen for the better.
The healing within myself
so the pain inflicted upon others
and the dark paths followed would stop.

Though his memory will linger with me
it will not be repeated
with each day of my new history.

© Andrew Scott 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Andrew Scott. A striking piece, which immediately grabs the reader with a shocking image in the first line, this seems to be a complex one. An extremely dark subject matter, which presents images of war, execution, the rule of law, suicide, spirituality regret, mortality and ultimately rebirth, this is a supremely skilled piece from Andrew that will no doubt leave the reader with many questions upon reading and experiencing these words.

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