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My candle burns bright
Yet the current underlying
Of the gentle breeze
Sometimes gusty gale
Teases my flame
It flickers in the night
Swaying to and fro
Shadows cast
A gloomy hue
The light fades and glows
Like the ebbing of the tides
In and out
That the sun will soon rise
An eerie comfort
As the darkness
Swamps a misty heart
Come soon my love
With matches fresh
And wicks anew
Afore my heart melts
Into a waxy wane
Setting hard
On the surface of my dream

© 14/8/11 – 2013 Louise Anne Robinson


Today’s featured poem is by Louise Anne Robinson. A private, reflective piece, the name refers to the fact that Louise wrote it whilst living in India on the eve of Indian Independence Day (15th August). Using the imagery of a flame throughout this poem, Louise talks about passion, longing, dreams, a sense of eroticism and intensely private situations. The piece pulses with life, and has a nervous, summer evening energy to it. This is another poem we are proud to feature here on Dagda Publishing.

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