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Welcome to our regular Sunday feature, where we present to you the words of the poet themselves, and this week we have gone with something a bit different, not a poem, but Anais Nin reading an excerpt from her own diary, which she started writing at the age of 11, and continued until her death (this recording was done in 1966). To us, this reading speaks much more about her than any of her poetry (prolific and accomplished as it was).

We really get a sense of Anais as a poet from these words, which can be said to be a series of poetic observations on life itself, and the circumstances and moments that surrounded her life, and into the company she kept. It is a really intriguing and eye-opening reading that lets us pry like voyeurs into her life a little bit more, and lends an extra familiarity with her and her work.

Enjoy this piece, and Happy Easter, everyone.