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The windows that cling to buildings
produce portraits of lives I’ll never know.


Light which filters through the gaps in a tree
falls hard on the dense reality of a brick wall.


Anonymous cars breeze through predetermined routes
while wind is guided gently over poppy fields.


Boards are plastered over old shop fronts
daises curl up to remain elusive.


A disembodied roar from the mesh of a crowd
the sea rolls waves over itself eternally.


The river, unwillingly, ebbs towards the ocean
Church tower bells lament another midday.

© Alex Stevens 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Alex Stevens. A brief snapshot of six images, presenting small, metaphorical worlds which are deeper and more wide-reaching than the sum of their parts. Each part presents musings on existence, the interplay of nature and society, decay and rebirth. Alex utilises a breathtaking sense of economy in these brief collections of words, and in so doing creates brief windows into snapshots of time, and the silent moments in the world behind that which is familiar to us. A poetic voice at it’s purest.

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