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I believe you, like a child
When you say everything is going to be alright,
With your crooked smile
Smile wet with whisky,
Those wicked, wicked eyes
Stay on me
All night.

I’m sitting at the bar, laughing,
Clutching my crutches
Johnnie black and Jack,
While you snap the strings of your guitar
To one of those sad songs,
About love,
About us.

The bartender fills my glass
So that my heart is not half-empty,
I’m putting my lipstick on
Thick, there is a man to my right
Telling me lies to make me his,
Another drink
Another sip, quick.

Morning breaks late around 2pm
He’s in my bed,
Nice to meet you he says
And then he’s gone like Peter Pan out my window,
And I feel for an evil moment, like a widow,

He doesn’t know
How you text me every night,
These drunk letters you string together
To make yourself feel better
Never say never, we said.

Well, the gap in my bed has been taken
By some loveless arrangement,
Go back inside, your girlfriend is waiting,
And what fools our True Romance makes of us
She knows how we trust in each-other’s intentions,
Little do you mention:

It’s temporary,
And then we are back to the bar
Strumming and drinking,
Like we should know better
Here we are, two streetlamps
That flicker down memory Street,
Anxious for a piece of peace

© Alex Knowles 2013


Today’s featured poem comes from Alex Knowles. A piece that conjures up images of love in the wrong places and situations, there is a knowing awkwardness to this poem. Presenting a scene that has been played out countless times between lovers that can never be, but have souls that meet in the most inappropriate and darkest of places, this piece does a great job of drawing the reader into a world of  bars, lust, sex and life in the dark, streetlight-lit  corners of the night. There is a certain element of Sylvia Plath to this piece, we feel.

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