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I lay dormant in the dark,
When you initially arrived,
A bright light in the depths of the sea,
You woke me up with a shake,
And dragged my soul to the shore,
You said, “this is what it is to be free.”

You reached out your frail hand,
And told me that I could trust,
Without thought, I hastened to comply,
I was dazzled and dazed,
And I clung to your back,
As we made our way through the night sky,

You showed me the stars,
I was greedy for more,
So you broke for me a piece of the moon,
We shared it’s calm glow,
As we sat on silk clouds,
Oh, who knew it would all end so soon?

Ephemeral love,
It was bound to break off,
It rested on beams of false glee,
It lasted a while,
Till the glitter had gone,
And we both tumbled back into the sea.

© Tamsin Ahmad 2013


Today’s featured poem is by Tamsin Ahmad. A piece on love, this has a deep lyrical style to it, with a good musical lilt. Tamsin employs imagery and symbolism to great effect, and a healthy, fresh use of alliteration at key points within the poem. Themes of eternity and slight mystery abound here as well, and it has a great “classic” feel to it. A piece that really conjures up an imagery of true love well, whilst ultimately having shades of bitterness and loss which temper the theme, and leave a surprising twist in the tale. A stunning and very accomplished piece from this young writer.

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