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Emptiness filled inside.
Filled with emptiness.
Not total emptiness.
A silent scream.
A scream of silence to fill the void.
Consuming the emptiness with silence.
A scream of all and none.
Ripping through the void of mind.
The emptiness now full of silence.
Silence straining and forcing.
Silence break through the empty.
Through the empty and into the all.
Hungry, voracious.
Snarling, snapping, screaming, howling silence.
A silence full of voices screaming empty

© David Cox 2013


A comment on the subject of depression and loneliness, todays featured poem comes from David Cox. Starting from nothing, from emptiness, this piece builds to a stifling, suffocating crescendo, before falling back away into nothingness at the end, peering over the edge into the void but not quite falling over it. A dark tableaux of words and emotion gathered from the recesses of the mind and stitched together, this is a deeply personal and introspective piece which shows to us the private musings of the poet who has been left outside the world.

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