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08-0119(After the painting by Jackson Pollock)


Where to begin and end—
in chaos or symmetry
the curvature of space
or the hard-fast lines of time?
in shimmering sleep
or wakefulness
the splatter of stars
or a constellation’s shape?


Beginning in harmony
but ending at the edge of fate,
disorder and discord
It takes a quantum leap of faith
to make a universe
from light.

© Neil Ellman 2013

Painting: Shimmering Substance, Jackson Pollock 1946


Todays featured poem is by Neil Ellman, a published poet based in New Jersey. An ekphrasic poem based on the painting by Jackson Pollock, this is a piece which deals with the very essence of art itself, and is searching, mysterious and unusual. It can be said to be one of the purest comments on art we have seen in a long time, and questions the meaning behind the artwork without really explaining what Pollock meant with his art. Poetry and art meeting and becoming one artform. Neil manages to pull back the canvas just that little bit, and shows us what lies behind it. In so doing, Neil goes beyond the simple act of describing what is on the canvas, and takes it into the realm of the metaphysical, so this poem becomes a comment on the very nature of existence itself, and our place within it. A worthy addition to our archives we think.

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