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It’s late,
That lonely time for addicts and poets
Who go stumbling through the streets,
Jonesing for that bright lighthouse,
Which will lead them home.

But I’ve found my shore already
So if you want,
Come and find me Salvation,
Since I’ll not go searching.

I’ve got her beside me,
Adam’s opiate,
And the guitar is singing
As though the angel’s had tuned it.

So come find me.
I’ll be waiting when you track me down
Lying with her on the sand,
As the notes of an evening’s symphony
Score the hit,
That takes me higher.

© Richard Morris 2013


Today’s featured poem is by Richard Morris, a writer from the US. An intensely human piece, Late night talks about long evenings, music, love, and the darkly beautiful world that only makes itself known when the normal world has gone to sleep. It paints a vivid picture of two people who inhabit this other world, however briefly, and muses upon the very nature of what it is to exist in those moments that society at large may not experience. Deeply personal, vivid and accomplished.

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