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The day that I almost got a corvette,
was similar to when I almost got a slim sillouette.
Both desirable to the opposite sex,
but I got none, maybe that’s why I’ve never bought a Rolex.

So I sit here and hug my own legs,
I should have just jumped next after Meggs.
But then you wouldn’t be reading a little piece of nothing,
obviously you enjoy contemplating at something.

The people look but can’t quite see,
lies all around buzzing non-stop like a bee.
Oh sweetie I get it, you think I’m mad,
at least I don’t dwell on what I could have had.

Insert opinion right here, their brain’s empty anyway,
never mind the pain, the switch is so quick they’ll forget in a day.
Silencing the masses is still so easy, everyone falls for the laser point,
as we all hurry to capture the moment on our contemporary polaroid.

© Alina Popa 2013


Todays featured poem comes from Alina Popa. Alina presents us with a commentary  which, to us, is an introspective piece which speaks of relationships, and a sense of one’s identity in the aftermath. A poem which will no doubt be familiar to many readers, Alina takes the thoughts that swim around in a persons head in the aftermath of break-up and weaves a tale which enthralls. There are deeper meanings at play here, especially in the last stanza, which takes on an almost philosophical bent, being as it were a commentary on society at large. Brilliantly crafted.
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