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The rot within her weeps its sap,
insists she’s more than human now,
she’s the deranged moods of this dust,
a landscape salvaged from painted towns.
There’ll be no Wild Turkey to help her fight
against miasmal permutations in October light.

She will sleep near the university ATM,
eat off the guilt filling a student’s jersey.
Guilt doesn’t lie. Nor do the students.
She’ll open her smile to one of the pretty boys,
turn a road that twists his screw divine.
I had a life once, it was such fine sweet wine.

© John Flynn 2013


Todays featured poem, from John Flynn, begs us to notice those that have fallen through the cracks of society. The subject is one who has been overlooked by the world around her, and has almost become one with the decay around her. Whilst certainly a sad picture, and one which show that the perception of the person may be of inhumanity and trash, the underlying message is one of the subject being inherently human, and ultimately, that there is beauty within if one just chooses to look for it. A sad, but beautiful piece.

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